Welcome to Central Church of the Nazarene! We do all we can to serve our Latin brothers and sisters. We have a Spanish Sunday School class as well as Spanish translators in the morning worship service. Please come join us and may God bless you.


Bienvenido a Iglesia del Nazareno Central! Hacemos todo lo posible para servir a nuestros hermanos y hermanas latinos. Tenemos una clase de escuela dominical español, así como traductores de español en el servicio de adoración de la mañana. Por favor, ven y únete a nosotros y que Dios los bendiga.

Kid's Club

Our Kid's Club serves as an after school program.  The kids can get a meal, play games, make friends, and learn about how much God loves them.  The Kids ages are from 5 years to 11 years old.  12 years old and up are in a separate group.  


Food/Clothing Giveaway

Our Food and Clothing give away is in partnership with this Utah Dream Center. We at Central Church are considered "Central Campus of the Utah Dream Center" and if you would like to know more about the UDC please click the link above. Every Saturday from 11:00pm to 12 noon we give out food and clothing. It is on a first come basis but we strive to see everyone go home with something. If you are in need, down and out, or just need a little boost the friendly volunteers would love to serve you.

Service Times


Food & Clothing giveaway - 11:00a.m. to Noon


Discipleship Classes (English and Spanish of all ages) - 9:30a.m.

Praise Service - 10:45a.m.


Small Group - 6:30p.m.

(For our Spanish speaking friends, we have Spanish translators that translate the Praise Service through radio head sets.)

Sermon Messages

Contact Us

Salt Lake Central

Church of the Nazarene

1076 Indiana Ave.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Phone: 801-328-0768


Mission Statement

This church is centrally positioned in this city, by God, for the purpose of serving as His hands and feet. Walking as Christ walked and loving others as He has loved us.